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  HONALM001: Winter Watchman Low Temperature Sensor

Winter Watchman Alarm Light Switch
Temperature Range:  30°F to 60°F (-1.0°C to 15.5°C )

Winter Watchman Low Temperature Signal turns on your light or lamp.

Product Details:

This low temperature device turns on your light or lamp alerting neighbors to low temperatures in an unoccupied commercial building or residence to help prevent freezing pipes and other damage.

Please Note: If your home loses power, this device CANNOT turn on a light and might not provide the necessary protection!  

Set up a lamp connected to the Winter Watchman alarm and place the lamp prominently in a window in a position so the viewer can see the bulb directly. If the lamp has a shade, we suggest that the shade be removed, as this makes your alarm lamp unique so it may be seen easier in daylight. The window should be the most visible and convenient spot for the "watch person" to see the warning signal light.

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  • Part Number HONALM001
  • Low temperature signal
  • Range: 30°F to 60°F
  • 120 Vac
  • 120 Watts

What's Included and How it works:

  • 1.) Open the Package with Winter WatchMan and Instructions
  • 2.) Read the simple instructions
  • 3.) Choose the appropriate area.
  • 4.) Plug the Watchman into a nearby outlet
  • 5.) Plug in your light - located next to a window for neighbors to see
  • 6.) Turn the Thermostat to the ideal temperature setting
  • 7.) Most Popular setting is between 40-45°F
1 – 9$44.50
10 – 24$42.28
25 – 49$40.05
50 – 99$37.83
100 +$35.60

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