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4 Channel RTD-Temperature Monitor

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Provided: Each
-202° ~ 1544°F (-130° ~ 840°C )
Designed to provide simultaneous, continuous surveillance of RTD's to monitor motors or other equipment's temperature for overheating

Notable Features

The model 1604 monitor is designed to provide simultaneous, continuous surveillance of RTD's to monitor motor or other equipment's temperature for overheating. The RTD temperature is compared to the pre-selected trip points set by the customer, and when the temperature equals or exceeds the preselected value, a dedicated RTD alarm relay will trip. The alarm detail can be viewed to identify the alarm location and details. Two temperature set-points are available.

Each channel has a dedicated alarm relay for the higher temperature, and there is a common relay for the pre-alarm set-point. Each channel allows a memo to be inserted in a field that can be displayed in the event of an alarm. Incoming alarms can be viewed in detail at the display, while the event results are saved in a history text file. The 1604 monitor accepts industrial standard RTD inputs for Nickel, Platinum and Copper characteristics. There is no calibration required for the monitor.

Programming is implemented by utilizing a standard USB PC keyboard, temporarily connected to the front bezel. Preset temperature values can be programmed into the monitor as well as RTD - specific messages. At completion of programming, a configuration report can be printed out for review. History reports are available and can be viewed on the monitor or printed via a USB memory stick.

Open or shorted RTD's will initiate a fault menu to identify exactly where the problem exists. When the monitor is entered program mode, a fault will be issued. A dedicated fault relay will change state upon a fault or when the monitor is in program mode.

  • Part number ASTALM001
  • Functions
  • Enable/Disable control for each channel
  • Selectable options for alarm on rising or falling
  • Character field to allow naming of each RTD channel
  • Selections available for latching or non-latching alarm relays
  • Internal failsafe fault relay changes state on an open or shorted RTD
  • User Interface
  • Time and date calendar
  • Security code required for accessing programming
  • Custom messages appear on the display when an alarm occurs
  • USB port allows history of events to be copied to a memory stick
  • Easy to read blue 4-line X 20-character active matrix vacuum fluorescent display
  • Monitor is programmed with a customer's USB keyboard temporarily connected to the front panel
  • Optional connector for remote operation of panel keypads, to incorporate an explosion-proof housing
  • Electrical/Electronic
  • 110V - 230 VAC or 24 VDC power supplies are available
  • Selection for Nickel, Platinum 8 or 11 and Copper RTDs
  • RTD linearization is implemented within the microprocessor
  • Powerful 24bit microprocessor-based monitor reads field RTDs
  • All electrical connections are accessible from rear terminal strips
  • Mechanical
  • Dust and splash-proof front bezel assembly is IP66 rated
  • Robust, aircraft-quality 5052 alodine electroplated aluminum housing

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