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Visual Alert Sensors
Thermometers Temperature Recorders, Process Indicators, Safety Alerts, Quality Control, Branding
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Notable Features


1.Dual Function
Irreversible Temperature and Hydrochromic indicator that provides evidence of a multilayered disinfection process.
2.Dual Function
Irreversible Temperature Indicator and reversible indicator @50°C. Alerts to high temperature and provides evidence of a temperature excursion. Allows for early warning with a permanent change at an unsafe temperature event perfect for monitoring electrical equipment.
Pass Fail permanent change temperature label @180°F / 82°C used for dishwasher disinfection evidence/record keeping (HACCP Compliance).
4.Custom Copy
Refrigeration Thermometer Warm above 41°F Cold below.
5.Dual Function with Detailed Printing
Refrigeration Thermometer OK lights up at 41°F with machine readable QR code for smartphone link to personalized on line information, perfect for accessing user manuals.
6.Steam Sterilization Time / Temperature Indication
Tan to Black Color Change at 2 min 134°C or 10 min 121°C.
7.Disposable and Reversible Moisture Indicator
Single item multiple uses. White to Red when wet, then back to white when dry. Repeat.
8.Multiple Color Label
Heat alert integrated into label, inner circle converts from black to red at a temperature back to black below set temperature.
9.Hydrochromic Ink Permanent Change
Black to White when wet.
10.UV Irreversible Sterilization Color Change Indicator Label
Provides evidence that the label was exposed to 254nm of UL light clear to blue, copy and size custom tour requirements. Affix to instrument or surface treated with UV light.
11.Masterbatch UV Light Reversible Color Change
White to multiple colors available

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