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Non-Reversible Chill Checker Type-2

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Trigger Temperature: 18°F (-8°C)
Use to monitor medicines during transit or storage
The Chill Checker will monitor food, medicines and many other products by identifying a temperature above the specified trigger temperature. This is excellent choice for products in storage and transit. The miniature self-adhesive Chill Checker has a 2°C accuracy. Hand activated to monitor products when needed, the Chill Checker will stain a white paper inside the plastic capsule. When the specified rating is exceeded for 5 minutes the white paper turns blue or violet.
  • Part Number: TLCSEN100
  • Size: 32mm dia by 6mm deep
  • Type: CC series circular.
  • Shelf life of up to 6 months from receipt.
  • Hand Activated
  • Scale: °C
  • Trigger Temperature: 18°F (-8°C)
  • Accuracy: +/-1°C (2 +/-°F)
  • Unlimited Technical Support
1.) Remove silicone release paper and apply firmly to surface of product to be monitored to subject being measured.

2.) Cool below specified rating for at least 60 minutes before activating.

3.) To activate push the center of the convex surface until it becomes concave.

Note: Chill Checkers should be ideally stored below their temperature rating at all times and if this is done they can be removed from cold store, placed onto a pre chilled product directly and activated. If product is not chilled then the unit may activate.

Staining of the white paper occurs after a short period of time (not exceeding 5 minutes) when the temperature rating is exceeded. The longer the period that the temperature is above its rating the further the staining will spread.

If the temperature then drops below its rating staining will be halted, however, if temperature increases again then staining will recommence. The effect is therefore cumulative.

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