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THEACC001: Thermocouple Wire Welder - Model 300

Thermocouple Wire Welder

Model 300 (120V)


Notable Features

DCCHEA001: Hot Spot II Welder (120V, 60Hz Model)

Hot Spot II Thermocouple Welder

120V 60Hz Model


Notable Features

DCCHEA002: Hot Spot I Welder (120V, 60Hz Model)

Hot Spot I Thermocouple Welder 120V

Rechargeable Battery & A/C Powered


Notable Features

TIPHEN300: HydroFlame Generator L-45 115V 60Hz

L-45 HydroFlame Generator

Gas Production 45 Liters / Hour

Notable Features

TIPHEN301: HydroFlame Generator L-80 115V 60Hz

L-80 HydroFlame Generator

Gas Production 80 Liters / Hour

Notable Features

TIPHEN302: HydroFlame Generator L-160 115V 60Hz

L-160 HydroFlame Generator

Gas Production 160 Liters / Hour

Notable Features

DCCHEA006: HotSpot PLUS Capacitive Discharge Welder

HotSpot PLUS Welder 120V, 60Hz

Thermocouple & Strain Gauge Welder


Notable Features

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Select up to 4 items to compare.