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Welcome to TIPTEMP where Every Degree Matters. TIPTEMP is a company with trusted advisors that share 50+ years of thermal  knowledge. When you need to accurately monitor, record and alert key personnel of unfavorable  environmental conditions.....You need TIPTEMP!  We packed our web store with the HOTTEST products used in many industries and we have technical support that will answer the COLD  hard FAQ's.  Our most popular products include high accuracy digital thermometers and digital thermometers for vaccine storage units. TIPTEMP is passionate about solving your application by listening to whats important to YOU and making it important to us. We welcome your inquiry! 


About TIP TEMPerature Products
We accept purchase orders from most of our customers on account and welcome new accounts. But for speed and convenience when buying smaller items we accept American Express, Mastercard and Visa.
Call 1-800-TIP-TEMP to place your order or use our order on-line services NOW!
Call 1-800-847-8367

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