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TIPTEMP welcomes inquiries for custom made labels. Minimum quantities of several thousand labels and set up fees are sometimes required. We assist with Project Management, Design, Development, Manufacturing, Packaging and Fulfillment. We are ready to share our expertise and assist you at the level necessary to bring your idea to realization. Below are a few of our custom label examples, if you can not locate a temperature range that works for your application please contact one of our thermal advisors right away by calling 1-800-TIP-TEMP or filling out a contact form so we can direct you to the products that will work for you!

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TLCSEN385: Espresso Latte Temperature Guide

Espresso Latte Temperature Label

100°F ~ 175°F


Notable Features

TLCSEN498: Infant Water Testing Gauge

Infant Water Testing Gauge

Temperature Range: 88°F to 106°F


Notable Features

TLCSEN490: SCB Reversible Label Shows Temperature Above 40°C

Single Change Below Reversible Label

Changes Image/Color when Temperature is Below 40°C

Notable Features

TLCSEN288: Custom Temperature Label

Temperature Label 1 Level 280°F ( 138°C )

Generates Permanent Record of Max Temperature

Notable Features

TLCSEN305: Temperature Label Thermo-Ruler

Temperature Label Thermo-Ruler

57°F ~ 90°F (14°C ~ 35°C)


Notable Features

TLCSEN312: Freezer Thermometer

Freezer Thermometer Label

-5°F ~ 30°F (-21°C ~ 1°C)


Notable Features

TLCSEN357: Customized Non-Reversible Temperature Label 165°C /330°F

Custom Irreversible Label

Activates @ Clients Pre-Set Temp. Speak with a TIPTEMP Advisor

Notable Features

TLCSEN400: Customised Encapsulated Temperature Indicator

Custom Temperature Label 1 Level

Activates @ Clients Pre-Set Temp

Notable Features

TLCSEN467: Single Event Custom Temperature Label

Custom Temperature Label 1 level

Activates @ Clients Pre-Set Temp

Notable Features

TLCSEN482: Non-Reversible 3 Level Label

Custom Temperature Label 3 Level

110°F-130°F (43°C-54°C) Requires Special Packaging and Expedited Shipping

Notable Features

TLCSEN487: Beer Pouch Label

Custom Beer Pouch Temperature Label

Activation Range: 45°F ~ 60°F Call to Discuss Your Requirements

Notable Features

TLCSEN483: Custom Temperature Label Rising and Falling

Custom Temperature Label

Irreversible & Reversible in One Label. Call to Discuss Your Application

Notable Features

TLCSEN514: Outdoor Temperature Alert Safety Badge

Outdoor Temperature Alert Safety Badge

Range: 86°F~140°F (30°C~60°C) Call to Discuss Your Requirements

Notable Features

TLCSEN351: SCA Tank Thermometer

Custom Indoor Tank Reversible Labels °F

Designed To show Tank Temp & Level Speak with a TIPTEMP Thermal Advisor

Notable Features

WMSSEN046P Cold Chain Complete II

Cold Chain Complete II

Available in Multiple Temperature Ranges Speak with a TIPTEMP Thermal Advisor

Notable Features

TIMSEN000: Custom Time Temperature Label

Custom TTI Label

Range Set To Clients Preferences - Speak with a TIPTEMP Thermal Advisor

Notable Features

TWOSEN001: Wine Thermometer Collar

Wine Thermometer Collar

Range: 38°F ~ 74°F


Notable Features


Smart Temperature Indicators

Process Indicators, Safety Alerts, Quality Control, Branding

Notable Features

WMSSEN010: Temperature Label WarmMark Duo (10°C & 34°C)

WarmMark TTI Indicator

Time Above 10°C & High Alert @ 34°C


Notable Features

TIMSEN012: TimeStrip Duo Indicator 10°C/ 34°C

TimeStrip Duo Temperature Label

50°F (10°C) / 93°F (34°C)


Notable Features

TLCSEN530: Two Event Non-Reversible Temperature Label

2 Event Custom Label

93°C/200°F & 99°C/210°F


Notable Features

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