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Non-Reversible TimeStrip Duo Label

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Provided: Each
50°F (10°C) / 93°F (34°C)
Generates Permanent Record of Max Temperature
A - B - C  Windows Correlate to Time Above 50F/10C 
D Window Changes Color within seconds >  93F/34C
Please Call To Discuss Further 1-800-TiP-TEMP
Requires Special Packaging and Expedited Shipping

Notable Features

Calibrated to follow WHO recommendations vaccines & medicine. The Timestrip® PLUS Duo provides clear, irreversible visual evidence and distinct time marking of the thermal abuse phase. In- depth information with push-button simplicity. By removing the ambiguity of temperature abuse across time and temperature thresholds this all-in-one indicator can help prevent the unnecessary wastage of expensive medicines and vaccines.

This item Must ship via Next Day Air with special packaging.
Type of Sensor: Color Change / Ascending
Temperature Sensing Range: 50°F (10°C) / 93°F (34°C)
Temperature Accuracy: +/- 2°F (+/- 1°C) typical
Temperature Scale: °F and °C
Weight: .003
Calibration Available: Certificate of Conformance ( $ Extra )
Adhesive: Yes
Color Change: Permanent
Adhesive Type: 3M
  • TimesStrip Duo with adhesive backing
  • Instructions
Please call for more information.
  1. Timestrip® PLUS DUO indicator is completely inert prior to activation and can be stored at room temperature. The +10°C indicator is activated by the button on the back on the left and the +34°C indicator is activated by the button on the back on the right. The 34°C indicator should be activated first.

  2. Preheat DUO to between +35°C and +60°C for 5 to 10 minutes. Once pre-heated, squeeze the 34°C button firmly to release the liquid into the indicator. The yellow window (surrounded by green) will gradually turn green and show “ON”. To activate the +10°C indicator simply squeeze the +10°C button at room temperature (or any temperature above +10°C). No pre-conditioning is required. Again, the yellow window (surrounded by green) will turn green and display ”ON”. In the event that either activation line doesn't appear immediately repeat these steps and press the button firmly.

    Immediately after activating the +10°C button, place DUO at or below +8°C.
    If the product to be monitored is already at or below +8°C Timestrip®
    PLUS DUO can be directly applied to this product.

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