Single-Use Ambient Temperature Recorder

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2-8 ºC Default Settings
Transmits Data via NFC Communications
  • Alarm Range: 2-8°C
  • Start Delay: 30 minutes
  • Alarm Delay: 30 minutes
  • Measurement Sampling: 1 minute
  • Calibration Points: -20°C, +2°C, +8°C, 20°C, +40°C, 60°C
  • Alarm Type: Visual Indicators
  • Can be read with an NFC enabled smartphone. iPhone & Android
  • Single-Use Recorder
  • Call 1-800-TIP-TEMP to Customize this device.


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Notable Features

The TIMSEN520 is a compact and economical ‘micro data logger’ that provides alerts when temperatures breach set limits, and allows the logged data to be downloaded to an app for investigation and analysis.

The TIMSEN520 is a Single-Use device providing an immediate irreversible indication of over- and under-temperature conditions using built-in LED lights. Accuracy is quoted as ±0.5 °C over the normal operating range.

A novel feature of the TIMSEN520 is that stored data can be sent wirelessly to an accompanying app. for investigation and analysis using built-in NFC technology. No computer is required as the data downloads to any compatible mobile device, and both iOS and Android devices are supported.

The 2-8 °C default settings make the TIMSEN520 ideal for monitoring cold chain (refrigerated) temperatures in the storage and transport of sensitive products. Pharmaceuticals, blood, vaccines, and food products are typical end-use applications.

  • Type: Single use, disposable
  • Case, Dimension, Weight: Rigid plastic, 40mm x 54mm x 5.5mm, 6g
  • Activation Feature: Break square tab to activate, tab to stop
  • Operating Range: -30°C to 60°C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.5 °C (-20°C~40°C), ± 1 °C (others)
  • Sensor: Built in NTC
  • Button Type: Single button design, query the status of temperature indicator
  • Battery Life: 1 year
  • Battery Type: Button cell CR1620 lithium
  • Waterproof Grade: IP54
  • Can be read with an NFC-enabled smartphone ( both iPhone & Android ) via our app.
  • You can export data from the app to PDF or Excel for evidence of temperature breaches
  • (25) Pc. Min. Single Use Temperature Recorder
  • Pre-Programmed Alarm Range Alarm Range: < 2°C and  >8°C
  • Can be read with an NFC enabled smartphone via TimeStrip app. ( iPhone & Android ) 
  • Expert Technical Support
Break the top-tab to start the logger and break the bottom tab to stop.

TIMSEN520 can be read with an NFC-enabled smartphone via our app. You can export data from the app to PDF or Excel for evidence of temperature breaches. For a quick visual indication of temperature excursions, single-use TIMSEN520 can be read simply by viewing the flashing LED lights. The status light blinks every 30 seconds. This means everyone along the cold chain can check the status of the shipment, without any special training or equipment.

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