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TIP TEMPerature Products Works Hard To Ensure Each Customer Is Satisfied

I want to commend one of your employees on an exceptional job with our account. Kathy has been wonderful to work with. It is good to know that when I place an order with her everything is taken care of and there is nothing to worry about. Thanks Kathy, for you attention to detail and always keeping us up to speed on delivery dates. We all appreciate your hard work.

Thank You, E.I. DUPONT MRO Purchasing Assistant


Thanks to Dan for the technical assistance in choosing the most appropriate model. I have been "shopping" on line for hours and this unit is far and away the best for our needs. It ought to be a best seller....especially as the "baby boomers come of age" and take advantage of enjoying the south while avoiding winter.

Gratefully, Peter and Joanne .


Dear Kathy, I received the order which came really quickly; it works just fine; the instructions are good; the free Thermo-Ruler is really neat. The purpose of my email is to thank you for such good service. I also want Daniel Farnan to know how impressed I am with the letter he sent. You have a really customer oriented company which I clearly felt in reading your mission statement and letter. I wish more companies would model your approach.

Thank you. Dr. James P. Motiff


I would like to commend TipTemps service, courtesy, helpfulness and expediency for replacing a defected water sensor. It is refreshing to find a company that believes in good service and practices it as well. To all your employees that helped on such a small matter.

Thank You. Adam


Kirk, I Want to thank you for your assistance in helping us get the wireless phone dialer and refrigerator temperature monitor finally working properly. Please make sure to show this letter to your bosses because you went above and beyond the call to help us through getting the auto dialer to stop calling my boss at 3 o'clock in the morning. And also for getting us a better sensor for the temperature monitor. Thanks to your help the over $5000 worth of medication in our refrigerator are finally safe and we will know if the power is interrupted so we can take steps to move the medication if necessary.

The Pharmacy Team


I work for a hospital and bought 3 of your products. I had some trouble programming them correctly. I called your 800 number. First I’d like to commend you for having a person answer the phone. She was friendly and helpful. I was quickly routed to Neil in your service department. This kind, patient, knowledgeable man helped me in a very efficient manner. I will be whole-heartedly recommending your products to other members of the healthcare community. Your level of service as illustrated by Mr. Humphries is exceptional. Thank you very much.

Director, Outpatient Behavioral Health WMCA - The HOPE Center

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We love the good stuff and welcome your suggestions on how we can improve. We try hard, but that doesn't mean things don't go wrong once in a while. If we fall short in any way, please send us an email EveryDegreeMatters@TipTemp.com or call direct. 609-239-1900 ask for Neil Humphreys VP Sales & Operations

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