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Temperature Probe Wipes

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Provided: Tub of 180
Tub of 180 Wipes
Alcohol based cleaning solution.
Easy, Popup design dispenses one wipe at a time.

Notable Features

General Care of Temperature Probes

The Probe is where most of the action with any Thermometer takes place. Almost every operation requires a Probe reading. The Probe should be treated with care in order to ensure best functioning and long life.

We would recommend that you always have a spare, properly functioning Probe on hand, just in case the primary Probe breaks, or appears to be reading incorrectly.

You should not stretch the coiled cable of any Probe, to reach an item to be measured. We would recommend instead that you ALWAYS move BOTH the Probe and the Thermometer, toward the food to be measured. This will help avoid unnecessary stress on the wires inside the Probe.

You should not touch the coiled cable or Probe handle to hot surfaces, that might melt the protective coatings, which in turn could damage the Probe wires and render the Probe inoperable.

You should not bend the tip of any Penetration Probe, as this too could break the wires and render the Probe inoperable. In general, Penetration Probes are designed for penetrating thawed food only and not for testing frozen food or containers or chipping ice.

  • (1) Tub of 180 Wipes

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