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Alarm Delay Module for Remote Monitoring Systems

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Input: N.O./N.C. dry contacts - Output: SPDT relay rated 1A @30VDC or 0.5A @120VAC

Notable Features

The HAMALM005 Remote Alarm Delay Module allows you to set a time period that must elapse, with the alarm signal continuously present, before the alarm is sent to a central monitoring system or dialer. That means that a transitory condition, such as a short power fluctuation, will not result in an unnecessary alarm. By selecting the correct delay period for your system, you can screen out nuisance alarms.

The ADM-215 Remote Alarm Delay Module is an excellent interface between equipment with relay output and supervisory systems. The unit is compatible with virtually any alarm system because it accepts dry contact inputs, either Normally Open (N.O.) or Normally Closed (N.C.).

  • User programmable alarm delay and mute periods
  • Accepts Normally Open or Normally Closed dry contact input
  • Audio and visual alarms
  • Rechargeable battery back-up
  • Tool-less spring loaded connectors
  • Includes SPDT relay output
  • Power Requirements:6-12VDC, 300mA max (includes 120-120VAC UL Listed Power Supply with 10' cord.
  • Battery Backup:2 NiMH AA Rechargeable Batteries with a built in trickle charger.
  • Dimensions:2.75"x5.5"x1.1"
  • Input:N.O / N.C dry contact
  • Output:SPDT relay rated 1A@30VDC or .5A@120VAC
  • Audible Alarm:Beeper 80Db (can be disabled)
  • Visual Alarm:Red LED
  • Alarm Delay:0, 30 Seconds or 1, 5, 10, 30 Minutes
  • Audible Alarm Mute Periods:5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 60 Minutes. Relay and alarm LED remain in alarm state during mute period
  • (1)HAMALM005 Alarm Unit
  • UL listed 120-220V AC power supply with 10’ cord
  • SPDT Relay Output
  • Rechargeable AA Batteries
  • Velcro Mounting Strip
  • Expert Technical Support
If you operate commercial and lab refrigerators, freezers or restaurant walk-in coolers with remote temperature and/or humidity monitoring/alarm systems, then the relay output portion of your monitoring systems can be connected to our Model ADM 215 to help eliminate "nuisance alarm" notification.

The Model ADM 215 enables this by allowing you to set a desired time period "before" an alarm notification is actually sent. This eliminates transitory conditions that otherwise trigger an alarm notification (like brief power interruptions or the loading and unloading of materials from refrigerators, freezers or walk-in coolers). The unit is equipped with a rechargeable battery back-up system, an SPDT relay output, and operates in the alarm state until the user resets it. A flashing LED indicates the transient alarm condition.

The Model ADM 215 remote alarm delay module is a valuable accessory that can be purchased for use with our remote freezer, refrigerator and walk-in cooler temperature and humidity monitor/alarm systems, and works with similar equipment that has a relay output for its alarm.

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