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Marcell Spuck Water Sensor

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Provided: Each
Operates up to 200 feet / 61 meters away
Up to 16 SPucks can communicate with one MarCELL Base
When water is detected the device will communicate with the MARALM001 , MARALM002 or MARALM003 and initiate the alarm. 
Choose multiple people to receive alerts by text, call or email.


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Notable Features

Detects the presence of water & immediately relays this information wirelessly to MarCELL device (up to 200 feet / 61 meters away)
-operates for years on a single coin cell battery
-constantly monitors battery life and will report when it is getting low
-is fully self-contained and ready to go
- Up to 16 SPucks can communicate with one MarCELL
• Dimensions 0.75” Tall x 2.40” in diameter
• Weight 1 ounce
• Battery Type CR2032 Lithium Coin Cell
• Battery Life Typically 5+ years
• Operating Range Up to 200 feet (61 meters)
• Wireless Technology Radio Frequency (RF)
• Communication Frequency 915 MHZ
• Status Indicator 1 blue LED
• Number of Water Detection points 3 pairs of “feet”
• Number of reports per detection 1 report communicated to MarCELL
• FCC ID: IC: 5469-SEN100
• One Spuck Water Sensor
Expert Technical Support
View MARSEN001 User Guide
16 Spucks can communicate with one Marcell Cellular Monitor (sku MARALM001 or MARALM002)
Associate with Main Marcell Device.

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