Arizona Hydrogen Flame Generator MG-75

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Mfg. No Longer In Business as of Jan 2022
Spare Parts and Repair Service Still Available

VOLTAGE 120V 60 Hz ( United States )

Notable Features

  • Part number TIPHEN037
  • Operating Pressure 10-30 oz/sq in
  • Torch Tip Orifice .003"-.042" (View all torch tips)
  • Water Consumption To 2.5 oz/hr.
  • Water should be checked at Interval 8 hrs
  • Input Voltage 60 Hz 120 VAC
  • Dimensions 16x14x16
  • Booster Capacity 16 oz
  • Booster Consumption To 1.0 oz/hr
  • Booster should be checked at Interval 8 hrs
  • Don't for get to order Personal Protection for your operators - View Here

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