CAL 3300 Temperature Controller

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Provided: Each
1/32nd DIN Compact Design
Featuring On/Off Control and Auto-tune PID
Programmable inputs: 9 types of thermocouples 
( J, K, T, E, R/S, E, B, L, N ) as well as RTD & mV
  • 100-240VAC power supply.
  • Standard with two Outputs: 
  • (SSd to switch a remote SSR 5Vdc +0/-15% 15mA non-isolated) 
  • ( Relay form A/SPST contacts 2A/250 VAC resistive load)
  • 5 alarm modes full-scale deviation and band.


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Notable Features

A key feature of the CAL Controls 3300 Series is the standard Auto-tune functionality. Auto-une "teaches" the controller the main characteristics of the process. For best results, run Autot-une with the usual set-point temperature under normal load conditions. Auto-tune "learns" by cycling the output on and off. The results are measured and used to calculate optimum PID values, which are automatically entered in the controller memory. Standard inputs to the CAL Controls 3300 Series are 9 types of thermocouples as well as RTD-2/Pt100 2-wire resistance thermometers. Output devices include the solid state relay drive and miniature power relay.

  • Part Number: CALCON001
  • Full PID autotuning temperature controllers
  • Bright LED displays
  • Dual-outputs
  • Alarms with 5 options
  • PID heat-cool operation
  • Ramp to set point
  • Sleeve mounting for easy maintenance
  • IP66 protection from front panel
  • 3-year warranty
  • Charting and logging software option
  • RS232/485 Modbus option
  • (1) Instruction Manual
  • (1) CAL Controller
  • Standard with 2 Outputs: (SSd to switch a remote SSR 5Vdc +0/-15% 15mA non-isolated) ( Relay form A/SPST contacts 2A/250 VAC resistive load)
  • 100-240VAC power supply.
  • Fully Programmable for Thermocouple 2 Wire RTD & mV.
  • 5 alarm modes full scale deviation and band.

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