Monitor Mark Temperature Label

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Provided: Each
Trigger Temp: > 50°F (10°C)
1 Week Run Out
Non-Reversible MonitorMark provides a visual history of time/temperature exposure.
One Week Time period represents "Time Out Of Range."

Alternate WMSSEN011

Notable Features

Provides a visual history of time/temperature exposure. The indicators are a key component of monitoring the cold chain transportation for many products. They serve as an effective check by giving workers guidance on whether or not the cold chain has been maintained.

See Handling & Use Guidelines for proper pre-use conditioning. When kept within specified range the indicator track is white. Upon exposure to temperatures exceeding the specified trigger temperature, blue coloring appears at the left edge of the first viewing window and gradually moves left to right to the end of the track. The rate of the blue color movement is dependent on the temperature.

Monitoring temperature exposure of temperature-sensitive products during transportation and storage (for example drugs, vaccines, medical diagnostic kits, blood, blood products, and intraocular lenses) Typically placed inside insulated shipping boxes near the temperature sensitive product The indicators monitor temperature exposure, not product quality. Their purpose is to signal when product quality should be checked due to temperature exposure.
Type of Sensor: Chemical / Time Temperature
Temperature Sensing Range: 50°F (10°C)
Temperature Accuracy: +/- 3°F (+/- 1.5°C) typical
Temperature Scale: °F and °C
Dimensions: 3-3/4" X 3/4" X 3/32"
Weight: .004
Calibration Available: Certificate of Conformance ( $ Extra )
Adhesive: Yes
Storage Conditions: 72°F (22°C) and 20-60% RH
Number of Events: 5
Color Change: Permanent
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Adhesive Type: 3M
  • (100) Time Temperature Indicators
  • Expert Technical Support
Where and How to Use
MonitorMarkTM Time Temperature Indicators can be used to monitor any product exhibiting time temperature abuse sensitivity. They are used as part of the secondary package to monitor storage and transportation conditions. These simple to use and easy to read indicators signal when product quality should be checked. TheMonitorMarkTM Time Temperature Indicators monitor exposure not product quality. Some typical applications include monitoring of drugs and vaccines, medical diagnostic kits, blood sub- stances and ophthalmic solutions.

Pre-Use Conditioning
To prevent premature response, MonitorMarkTM Time Temperature Indicators (including dual temperature indicators) must be conditioned prior to removing the activation strip and activating the indicators. This insures that the response chemical is solid and not liquid prior to removing the activation strip. Condition indicators for a minimum of two hours in a suitable refrigerator, freezer or chamber at or below the temperature shown in the product table.

Once conditioned and ready for use, the indicators can be maintained at any temperature below their critical temperature.

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