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WiFi Temperature Data Logger Ideal For MEDS & FOOD

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$355.35 $458.35
-40 ~ 257°F ( -40 ~ 125°C )
Calibrated at 41°F for Refrigerator Use
  • FREE Remote Monitoring & Cloud Storage
  • Configure Device using Smart Phone or Computer
  • Sends Text Messages & Email Alerts 
  • AC Power Adaptor & Rechargeable Battery
  • Complete System with Expert Technical Support
Meets CDC Requirements for VFC / Vaccine Monitoring and Recommended for HACCP

Notable Features

(1) CMKREC021- RF312-TP WiFi Logger New Unit support "G" Network Wi-Fi Datalogger c/w External Temperature Probe. 

(1) TIPCAL007   41°F ( 5°C) Instrument Calibration This is a document included with your thermometer / data logger stating the instrument has been tested at 41°F ( 5°C) with NIST Traceable equipment and meets the published specification for accuracy. 

Note: Calibration services are non-refundable 

(1) MITACC026P01- Vial With Glass Bead Accepts 1/8" to 1/4" dia. Probes ( sensor purchased separately ) Vial dimensions: 1.50" diameter, 3.25" tall Vial Sensor Fittings accepts 1/8" to 1/4" dia. probe Vial contents: Sand size, inert, spherical glass beads CAS#65997-17-3 OSHA PEL (1) TIPKIT001- USB Mains Power Adapter with 6 FT USB to 5 pin Micro B Use with EL-WIFI and SGD Product Ranges 0-1A output current 100 to 240V a.c. input 5V d.c. output via USB connector

Type of Sensor: Thermistor
Temperature Sensing Range: -40°F ~ 257°F (-40°C ~ 125°C)
Temperature Accuracy: +/- 1°F (+/- 0.5°C) typical
Temperature Resolution: 0.1°
Temperature Scale: °F and °C
Sensor Wire Length: 36"
Weight: 1.76
Calibration Available: Yes (included)
Power: Battery
IP Rating: IP55: Dust Resistant & Hosed water
Number of Sensors: One
Data Points: Logs 1 Million Readings by Transmitting the Data Back to PC Computer
Exportable Data: Yes
Recording Rate: 10 Second to 12 Hour
Display: LCD
Requires Software: Yes - Download from TIPTEMP.com
Software Type: Current Windows Ver required for setup / installation. Any Web Browser to Manage Data, Reports, Alarms, etc.
Network Connectivity: WiFi
WIFI Network Compatibility: 802.11b/g/n Wireless Standards
Transmission Rate: Configurable
  • Data Logger CMKREC021
  • External Probe
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • Vial filled with Glass Beads 
  • Free Software (Download)
  • Thermofoil Tape
  • Power Supply
  • Expert Technical Support

Comark Fluke WIFI monitoring devices are capable of measuring a wide range of environmental conditions. You must first program the WIFI Data Logger using a computer/laptop/or smartphone. Set-up features will include instruments name, °C/°F or Humidity, recording rate, and high/low alarm points. Once configured, historic data can be viewed via the graphing tool or exported into Excel. This software is available for free from our product page. When connected to a WIFI network it will transmit data to a remote web storage location using your existing WIFI network. If unfavorable conditions exist, the web storage location sends email and text messages to a pre-determined list of key personnel. End users can also log in and see previous history and current conditions 24/7/365.

If the Temperature Monitoring Device loses connection to the Comark remote web storage cloud location the system will send out alert notification that communication with monitoring devices is lost. (Possible Network Outage) The cloud service provides unlimited data storage for all monitoring units, unlimited email & text message alerts to multiple individuals. Along with data export and report printing. The instrument also offers audit trail feature to show the WIFI Logger was visited/inspected by key personnel and marked in the software with a date and time stamp.

Cloud Software Service: Capable of monitoring 100+ units in multiple locations.

One Administration Panel, Audit Trail Feature, Multi-Users (allow end users to see only what they are responsible for), Multiple locations, up to 100+ WIFI Units, End user can add notes explaining out of limit conditions (i.e.: refrigerator door open, admin approved) can be added to data recordings, and much more.

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