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Provided: Each
One Server and One Client
Additional Servers and clients can be added

Notable Features

CALgrafix is cost-effective process monitoring and controller configuration software that provides added value to using CAL's range of process and temperature controllers. Features such as logging, charting, alarm indication, networking and configuration are integrated within a simple Windows based user interface.

CALgrafix is ideal in applications where there is a requirement to monitor and record temperature or other process values. Examples: process data for manufacturing reporting, quality control, health and safety purposes or OEM system development.

The system requirements are highly dependent on the number of clients and servers connected but also the number of tags being updated and the frequency of update. As a general requirement, we would recommend a minimum of Pentium 450MHz with 128MB RAM, Windows 98/ME/NT/2000.
  • Compatible with CAL Controller 3300/9300/9400/9500
  • Click and Drag Ramp/Soak Feature
  • Multiuser Version - One Client/One Server - Can be on separate PCs
  • Additional Servers and Clients can be added

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