Battery Powered Freeze Warn Blue Light

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Light activates at/below 42°F (6°C)
Battery Power Source: (2) D Batteries Included
Works Right Out of the Box!
Includes: Batteries, Magnetic Base and 14 Ft. Sensor Cable


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Notable Features

The Freeze Warn Blue Light System is a complete, self-contained, self-powered signal system with magnetic base. Rugged Preset Thermostat turns on flashing lights at 42°F. The light will automatically stop flashing when the temperature rises to 52°F. Battery-powered to give its warning even when electrical power is off or the telephone is out. Uses (2) standard D-Cell Alkaline batteries (INCLUDED). So stop crossing your fingers each time you worry about thermal abuse.

The Freeze Warn Blue and its bright blue flashing light alerts employees, friends, neighbors or caretaker to possible heat loss or frozen pipe danger. Simple to understand, test and use. No complicated writing or installation required. The choice of industrial complexes, warehouses, real estate professionals, ski, vacation and weekend homeowner, farmers, fuel and oil dealers. Rugged, reliable, low-cost protection against the worry of frozen walkways and parking lots, and cost of frozen water pipes or burst water pipes if your heating system should fail while you're away.

Before you leave your home you should Test the Freeze Warn Light: Simply place the sensor portion inside your freezer. Close the door on the wire. With the light outside the Freezer wait 3-4 minutes the light will begin to flash. Remove the sensor from the freezer, place the sensor in your hands to warm it up. The light will turn off. TEST COMPLETE! The Light Consumes NO Power if the temperature is above 42°F. Notify your friends, neighbors or relatives when you're away.

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Note: Contact TIPTEMP about humidity warning lights or other custom designs.
Type of Sensor: Thermo-Switch
Temperature Sensing Range: Thermal Switch Activates Light @ 42°F
Temperature Accuracy: +/- 3°F (+/- 1.5°C) typical
Temperature Scale: °F and °C
Sensor Wire Length: 14 ft
Dimensions: 5" H x 3.5"W x 3.5"D
Weight: 2.1 lbs.
Power: 2 "D" Batteries Included
Battery Life: 500 hours / 21 Days (flashing) / Replace Annually
IP Rating: IP66
  • (1) Freeze Warn Blue Light with Magnetic Base
  • (2) "D" Size Batteries
  • (1) 14 Ft. Extension with Sensor
  • (1) Instruction Manual
  • 100% Guarantee - if you're not satisfied return for 100% refund (within 30 days)
Place Freeze Warn disc thermostat outside through a doorway or porthole. Place signal light near exit doorway or other location where it is sure to be seen. When leaving work, employees will see the Freeze Warn Blue Light flashing if the temperature is too cold, so he/she may be extra cautious when leaving the grounds as there may be icy spots.

Place Freeze Warn disc thermostat as close as possible to regular house thermostat or middle of room. Place signal light in window or other location where it is sure to be seen. When you are going to be away, just tell your friends and neighbors, fuel dealer, neighborhood watch, patrolling officer or use our custom made ALERT sign so anyone else who may pass by your house can take action if they see the Freeze Warn signal flashing.

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