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Alarms Visual, Audible, and Message Alerts

Environmental temperature alarm systems watch over your critical environments and alert you to potential problems before disaster strikes. Our Freeze-Warn and Heat-Warn Lights offer visual alerts using flashing lights. TIPTEMP's Easy to Use Freeze-Warn Lights can help avoid winter freeze damage, which accounted for the largest proportion of home and contents claims, ahead of fire and theft – and more than a quarter of these were for unoccupied properties. More advanced devices include phone dialers and web-based alerts via phone, text message and e-mail.We help monitor environmental conditions 24/7/365.

13 Products

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FREALM013: Freeze Warning Light with Magnetic Base, Free Batteries and Extra Long Sensor Cable

Battery Powered Freeze Warn Light

Flashes When Sensor is Below 42°F


Notable Features

CMKREC021: RF312-TPG WiFi Data Recorder with External Probe -40°F to 257°F (–40°C to 125°C)

WiFi Hi-Accuracy Temp Monitor

-40°F ~ 257°F (-40°C ~ 125°C)

$245.00 $383.46

Notable Features

TIPALM010: Professional Refrigerator Freezer Alarm Light and Buzzer

Temperature Alarm Light & Buzzer

-58° ~ 122°F (-50° ~ 50°C)


Notable Features

FREALM011: Freeze Warn V w/ Reflective Sign

Battery Power Freeze Warn Rotating Light

With Reflective Sign 30°F ~ 70°F


Notable Features

LASREC057: MOTE High Accuracy Wireless Temperature Data Logger

High Acc. WiFi Temp Logger & Alarm

-4°F ~ 140°F (-20°C ~ +60°C)


Notable Features

THOSEN002: Thermometer with Min/Max Display and Alarm Tone

Thermometer Min/Max and Alarm

-58°F ~ 158°F (-50°C ~ 70°C)


Notable Features

ICEALM001: Ice Alert

OUT DOOR Descending Temperature Sign

Changes Color below 32°F (0°C)


Notable Features

MARALM002: ATT/GSM Cellular Temp, Humidity, Water on the Floor and Power Loss Monitoring System

Cellular Monitoring with Internal Sensors

20°F ~ 120°F (-7°C ~ 49°C) AT&T/GSM


Notable Features

TIPALM001: Strobe Light & Audible Alarm Kit

Alarm Light and Buzzer

For Use with HUAMTR002P01


Notable Features

TIPALM006: Power Out Warning Light

Power Failure Alarm Warning Light

With Built-In 10-15 Minute Time Delay


Notable Features

AMBALM001 8-Channel Wireless Refrigerator / Freezer Thermometer Alarm

8 Channel Wireless Temp Alarm

-40°F ~ 140°F (-40°C ~ 60°C )


Notable Features

FREACC012: 6ft Pole and Base for Freeze Warn Lights

6ft Pole and 55 lb. weighted base

Works with FREALM018


Notable Features

WINSEN001: Wired Water Sensor

Wired Water Sensor

Unsupervised 15 Ft. Cable Length


Notable Features

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