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Environmental Data Loggers & Chart Recorders

Stay connected to the data necessary to perform your job! A data logger is an electronic instrument equipped with a sensor or accepts an sensor input. It has electronic circuity and on board memory that is programmed to record data at preset or user defined intervals for future analysis. The sensor measures real world environments or sourced from other equipment. The data collected by the sensor is converted into electronic signals by the chip, which then proceeds to store the information in its internal memory. A data interface mechanism (ie: Cable or Bluetooth) allows the logged data to be accessed for analysis and interpretation on pc's, tablets and phones. Additionally TIPTEMP offers the Tried, True and Tested Chart Recorders.

80 Products

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CMKREC037: WIFI Temperature & Humidity Transmitter RF613

RF613 WiFi Temp & Humidity Transmitter

-18°C to +55°C (-0.4°F to +131°F)

$345.26 $495.00

Notable Features

CMKREC009: EVT2 Transport Temperature Logger-multi use

Multi-Use Temperature Logger

-22°F ~ +158°F / -30°C ~ +70°C


Notable Features

CMKREC021: RF312-TPG WiFi Data Recorder with External Probe -40°F to 257°F (–40°C to 125°C)

WiFi Hi-Accuracy Temp Monitor

-40°F ~ 257°F (-40°C ~ 125°C)

$245.00 $383.46

Notable Features

CMKREC023: Dual Plus WiFi Alarm Logger Temperature Range: –40°F to 257°F (–40°C to 125°C)

Dual Temp WiFi Alarm Logger

-40°F ~ 257°F (-40°C ~ 125°C)

$423.33 $785.40

Notable Features

CMKREC025: RF311-T WiFi Data Recorder with Internal Sensor -4°F to 140°F (–20°C to 60°C)

WiFi Temperature Monitor

-4°F ~ 140°F (-20°C ~ 60°C)


Notable Features

CMKREC028: RF314 WiFi Data Logger with Dual Thermocouple Input

WiFi Logger Dual Thermocouple Input

-328 ~ 2462°F (-200 ~ 1350°C)

$499.88 $792.91

Notable Features

COCREC010: Guardian Thermometer PRO Bluetooth Data Logger

Guardian Thermometer PRO Medical

–50 ~ 70°C (–58 ~ 158°F)


Notable Features

COCREC011: Guardian Thermometer PRO Bluetooth Data Logger with Internal Temperature Sensor

Guardian Thermometer PRO, Ambient

–20 ~ 70°C (–4 ~ 158°F)


Notable Features

COCREC012: Guardian Thermometer PRO Bluetooth Data Logger with Hygrometer

Guardian Thermometer PRO, Hygrometer

–20 ~ 70°C (–4 ~ 158°F) 0 ~ 95%rH


Notable Features

COCREC013: Guardian Thermometer PRO Bluetooth Data Logger with -80C Cryo Sensor

Guardian Thermometer PRO Cryo Freezer

–130.00 ~ 212.00°F (–90.00 ~ 100.00°C)


Notable Features

COCSEN117: High Accuracy Datalogging Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer with Sensor In Vial

Vaccine Datalogging Thermometer

-58 ~ 158°F (-50 ~ 70°C)


Notable Features

ESCREC007: Escort Temperature Logger w/ Ext Sensor & PDF print-out

Temp Logger w/ PDF print-out

-40° ~ 158°F (-40° ~ 70°C)


Notable Features

ESCREC008: Escort iMiniPlus pdf Logger

iMiniPlus Temperature Logger

-40°F ~ 158°F (-40°C ~ 70°C)


Notable Features

LASREC001: USB Temperature Data Logger

USB Temperature Data Logger

-13°F ~ 176°F (-25°C ~ 80°C)


Notable Features

LASREC002: USB Temperature / Humidity Data Logger

Temp & Humidity Logger

-31°F ~ +176F (-35°C ~ +80°C)


Notable Features

LASREC003: USB Voltage Data Logger

USB Voltage Data Logger

Range: 0 ~ 30 VDC


Notable Features

LASREC004: USB 4/20mA Current Logger

USB 4/20mA Current Logger

Stores 32,000 Readings


Notable Features

LASREC005: USB Carbon Monoxide Data Logger

USB Carbon Monoxide Data Logger

Audible Alarm Tone


Notable Features

LASREC007: USB Thermocouple Input Logger

USB Thermocouple Input Logger

-328°F ~ 2272°F (-200°C ~ 1245°C)


Notable Features

LASREC008: USB Real Time Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

USB Real Time Temp/Humidity Logger

Range: 14°F ~ 140°F (10°C ~ 60°C)


Notable Features

LASREC009: USB Temperature And Humidity LCD Data Logger

Temp/Humidity Data Logger

-31°F ~ 176°F (-35°C ~ 80°C) rH: 0 ~ 100%


Notable Features

LASREC010: USB Thermocouple Input LCD Data Logger

USB Thermocouple LCD Logger

-328 ~ +2272°F ( -200 ~ 1245°C )


Notable Features

LASREC012: USB Temperature Logger with LCD Display

USB Temperature Logger LCD Display

-31°F ~ 176°F ( -35°C ~ 80°C )


Notable Features

LASREC013: USB-1-PRO Temperature Data Logger w/ Extended Range

Temp Logger w/ Extended Range

-40°F ~ 257°F (-40°C ~ 125°C)


Notable Features

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