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COCREC013: Guardian Thermometer PRO Bluetooth Data Logger with -80C Cryo Sensor

Guardian Thermometer PRO Cryo Freezer

–130.00 ~ 212.00°F (–90.00 ~ 100.00°C)


Notable Features

MATREC124P01: Extreme High Temperature Data Logger with Thermal Shield & Flexible Probe

Thermal Shield & 1" Probe 24" Cable

-200°C ~ 260°C (-328°F ~ 500°F)


Notable Features

MATREC134: Low-Cost RTD Temperature Data Logger

100Ω RTD Temperature Data Logger

-200°C ~ 850°C (-328°F ~ 1562°F)


Notable Features

MATREC151: Intrinsically Safe Temperature Data Logger Temp1000IS

Intrinsically Safe Temperature Logger

-40°C ~ 80°C (-40°F ~ 176°F)


Notable Features

TADREC073: TR45 Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger with TC/RTD Input

Bluetooth Temp Logger TC/RTD Input

TC: -326F ~ 3200F RTD: -326F ~ 1112F


Notable Features

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Select up to 4 items to compare.