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Standalone Data Loggers

Stand-alone data loggers refer to recording devices with built-in memory and no need to be tethered to a PC. In most cases, a PC or Smart Phone is necessary to provide set up programming, but afterward, the data logger operates independently. When recording stops, data is manually uploaded to a PC for analysis.

95 Products

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SHOREC020: Maxilog PDF Single-Use Pre-Programmed Use Temp Recorder

Maxilog PDF Single Use Temp Recorder

-30°C to~+70°C / -22°F ~ +158°F


Notable Features

SHOREC021: Maxilog Alert Multiuse Programmable Temperature Recorder

Maxilog Alert Multi-Use Temp Recorder

-29°C ~ 72°C / -20°F ~ 162°F


Notable Features

SHOREC022: Maxilog Alert Single-Use Programmable Temperature Recorder

Maxilog Alert Single-Use Temp Recorder

-29°C ~ 72°C / -20°F ~ 162°F


Notable Features

LASREC016: Temperature Data Logger with Graphic LCD Display

Temperature Logger with Display

-22°F ~ 176°F (-30°C ~ 80°C)


Notable Features

CMKREC009: EVT2 Transport Temperature Logger-multi use

Multi-Use Temperature Logger

-22°F ~ +158°F / -30°C ~ +70°C


Notable Features

CMKREC020: HACCP Logging Thermometer

HACCP Logging Thermometer

-99° ~ 752°F ( -73° ~ 400°C )


Notable Features

CMKREC020P01: HACCP Logging Thermometer

HACCP Logging Thermometer Package

-99°F ~ 752°F ( -73 ~ 400°C )

Notable Features

CMKREC026: BT250KC Bluetooth Pocket Thermometer

Bluetooth Pocket Thermometer

-58.0°F ~ 482.0°F

$315.35 $343.97

Notable Features

CMKREC030: N2013 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Temp & Humidity Logger

-20°C ~ +60°C / -4°F ~ +140°F


Notable Features

CMKREC031: N2011 Diligence EV Thermistor Logger w/ Internal Sensor

Diligence EV Logger w/ Internal Sensor |

-40°C to +70°C / -40°F to +158°F

$209.48 $242.55

Notable Features

COCREC010: Guardian Thermometer PRO Bluetooth Data Logger

Guardian Thermometer PRO Medical

–50 ~ 70°C (–58 ~ 158°F)


Notable Features

COCREC011: Guardian Thermometer PRO Bluetooth Data Logger with Internal Temperature Sensor

Guardian Thermometer PRO, Ambient

–20 ~ 70°C (–4 ~ 158°F)


Notable Features

COCREC012: Guardian Thermometer PRO Bluetooth Data Logger with Hygrometer

Guardian Thermometer PRO, Hygrometer

–20 ~ 70°C (–4 ~ 158°F) 0 ~ 95%rH


Notable Features

COCREC013: Guardian Thermometer PRO Bluetooth Data Logger with -80C Cryo Sensor

Guardian Thermometer PRO Cryo Freezer

–130.00 ~ 212.00°F (–90.00 ~ 100.00°C)


Notable Features

COCSEN074: 2 Channel Printing Thermometer °F / °C

2 Channel Printing Thermometer

-328°~2431°F (-200° ~1333°C)


Notable Features

COCSEN109: Printing Hygrometer Thermometer

Printing Hygrometer Thermometer

-4° ~ 140°F Rh: 10 ~ 95%


Notable Features

COCSEN114: USB Datalogging Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer

USB VFC Datalogging Thermometer

58 ~ 158°F (-50 ~ 70°C)


Notable Features

COCSEN117: High Accuracy Datalogging Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer with Sensor In Vial

Vaccine Datalogging Thermometer

-58 ~ 158°F (-50 ~ 70°C)


Notable Features

COMREC001: Dual Channel Temperature recorder with printer.

Dual Channel Recorder Printer.

Range: -130°F~500°F ( -90°C~260°C) Speak with a Thermal Advisor

Notable Features

ESCREC007: Escort Temperature Logger w/ Ext Sensor & PDF print-out

Temp Logger w/ PDF print-out

-40° ~ 158°F (-40° ~ 70°C)


Notable Features

ESCREC008: Escort iMiniPlus pdf Logger

iMiniPlus Temperature Logger

-40°F ~ 158°F (-40°C ~ 70°C)


Notable Features

ESCREC009: Escort iMiniPlus Dry Ice Logger with External Sensor

Dry Ice Logger with External Sensor

-148° ~ 104°F / -100° ~ 40°C


Notable Features

GENREC003P01: Large Display Temperature Humidity Alarm Logger

2" Digit Temp / Humidity Alarm Logger

Temp: -4 ~ 140ºF rH: 5% ~ 95%


Notable Features

GENREC004: 4 Channel Thermocouple Thermometer Recorder

4 Channel Thermocouple Recorder

-148° ~ 3092°F (-100° ~ 1700°C)

Notable Features

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