Cellular Monitoring Fridge Freeze Alarm

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-20°F To 127°F (-29°C ~ 53°C)
6 FT. External Water Proof Sensor
  • Verizon Cellular Services Network
  • AC/DC Powered with Rechargeable Back-Up Battery
  • Last up to 48 hours when fully charged.
  • Monitors Temperature, Humidity, Power Loss, optional water
  • Uses 4G cellular connection (No Wi-Fi needed)
  • Optional Water Sensor: MARSEN001
  • Cellular Services Paid During Setup. $8.95 per month/annual
  • Choose multiple people to receive alerts by text, call or email.
Ideal for Refrigerator / Freezer

Notable Features

MARALM003  Cellular Alarm is an advanced remote monitoring device that measures indoor temperature, relative humidity, and power status. Equipped with an external temperature probe, it is primarily used to monitor commercial refrigerators, coolers, and walk-in freezers. The external probe is 72″ (6 feet).

The setup is simple, with an intuitive interface that allows you and your team to set custom parameters for temperature and humidity ranges. If temperature or humidity exceeds the range you select or power is lost, you (and up to 9 people) will be immediately contacted by your preferred method of phone, text or e-mail.

MARALM003 Alarm detects water leaks with the addition of a SPuck water sensor. In an open field with a clear line of sight, there is solid communication between a SPuck and a MARALM003 of well over 320 feet.

Height – 1.2″
Width – 2.0″
Length – 5.2″

External Probe: Length – 72″
Power Input: Wired AC Adapter, 5V @ 2A

Internal Li-Ion Rechargeable
Lasts up to 48 hours when fully charged

Operating Range:
Ambient Temperature: -20°F to 127°F
Relative Humidity: 10% to 95%, non-condensing
Type of Sensor: Thermistor
Temperature Sensing Range: 20°F ~ 120°F ( -7°C ~ 49°C)
Dimensions: Height – 1.2″ Width – 2.0″ Length – 5.2″
Battery Life: Rechargeable
Battery Backup: Yes
  • Cellular Phone Alarm Dialer
  • Built-in Battery Back-Up
  • External Temp sensor  / Indoor Humidity Sensor
  • Power Supply 
  • Instructions
  • Expert Technical Support

Note: Water Sensor MARSEN001 is Sold Separately
The cellular plan is purchased separately and pre-paid.  Because it is connected to the Cellular Network, the MarCell doesn't require a phone line or Internet connection. It's also extremely secure as it is independent of any other connections in your home. The MarCell even has a rechargeable lithium back-up battery that keeps it operating during a power failure. 

The MarCell will constantly monitor and record the temperature and humidity of the environment it is monitoring. Every 6-8 hours it will transmit the collected data to the cloud for you to view. If you'd like Instant Updates, you can purchase this feature additionally ($2 for 8 Instant Updates, use at any time, does not expire). 

If the MarCell Cellular Connected Monitoring System detects temperatures that are too high or too low, if humidity is out of range or if the power goes out, the MarCell sends an alert message to the cloud which immediately sends you a text message, email and a voice phone call warning of problems at your remote property. It even sends you alert messages when the power is restored. You can have up to 9 alert notifications in any combination of texts, emails or phone calls. Each alert notification consists of the following:

- What alert condition: Temperature, Humidity or power failure alarm.
- What type of alert notification: Text message, email or voice call
- Who should receive the notification: Enter the phone number if a text or phone call. If an email, enter the email address.
- The message to be relayed to the person. you can edit the text, email, or message that will be read to a person receiving a phone call.

$8.25 per month with annual contract / $99 annually
$11.95 per month Seasonal from 4 to 8 months ( $29 annual fee)
$14.95 per month: Month to Month  ( $29 annual fee )

*Instant Updates and additional

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