Body Temperature Infrared Detection Kiosk

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Provided: Each
Accuracy ±0.5°F / ±0.3°C
Voltage AC 100-240V 60Hz, Built-In Hand Sanitizer
  • Built-In 6" x 3" Digital Screen 
  • Displays Number of "Pass Counts" & "Alarm Counts"  
  • Displays Each Individual Temperature Reading
  • Displays Alarm Temperature Reading ( Programmable )
  • Capable of integration with Locking Door Entrance
  • Programmable for Fahrenheit & Celsius 
  • WIFI hardware installed for future use to transmit data file
Choose FOREHEAD or WRIST Model


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Notable Features

The ZORALM001 combines a professional IPS screen and a built-in high precision infrared temperature sensor, which can quickly measure temperature in the detection area to ensure accurate and efficient temp. 

Users only need to place their WRIST or FOREHEAD (different model for the measurement method, chosen at time of purchase) near the detection point can quickly and accurately identify their temp. After auto-distinguishing the temp-value, it will not fluctuate with the distance, and the stability is excellent. 

The system can be targeted at dense crowds in public places to provide non-contact measurement and screening. It will alarm if a person is exhibiting an abnormal temperature, minimizing the risk of exposing others to a contagious illness. 

Help detect those that have fevers and are sick. 

Ideal for the public or work environment facilities to check guests or employees as well as schools, events, hospitals, train station, doctor's offices, and large gatherings.

Note: This does not tell if someone has coronavirus but will help determine if someone has an elevated temperature and needs further attention. Please see our disclaimer for any concerns or questions. Due to today's health concerns this product is not returnable. All sales are final.
Type of Sensor: Infrared
Temperature Sensing Range: -4°F ~ 113°F (-20°C ~ 45°C)
Temperature Accuracy: +/- 0.6°F (+/- 0.3°C) typical
Power: AC 100-240v, 50~60Hz
Special Notes: CE Approved, ISO14001, ISO9001, OHSAS18001
Number of Sensors: 1 (Forehead or Wrist Model)
Display: IPS
Display Dimensions: 7"
  • Infrared Body Temperature Detection Kiosk (Choose Forehead or Wrist Model)
  • Built-In Hand Sanitizer
  • Expert Technical Support

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