Infrared Thermometers

Infrared Thermometers are really cool. But they require some technical understanding. Infrared Thermometers read infrared energy emitted from an object, convert it into an electrical signal, then display it as a temperature reading. They provide a fast response time for surface temperatures and read a wide range of temperatures used in Food Service, Logistics, Medical and Industrial to name a few.

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TIPINF002: Automatic Non Contact Infrared Wall Mounted Thermometer

Infrared Forehead Temperature Scanner

Non contact, High Accuracy ±0.4°F


Notable Features

TIPINF003: Elevated Body Temperature Screener with Mounting Arm

Elevated Body Temperature Screener

Accuracy: +/- 0.4°F

COCSEN077: Infrared Thermometer Gun

Infrared Thermometer Fixed Emissivity

-58°F ~ +1832°F (-50°C ~ +1000°C)


Notable Features

COCSEN039: Traceable Infrared Thermometer Gun

Infrared Thermometer Adj. Emissivity

-58°F ~ 1832°F (-50° ~ 1000°C)


Notable Features

COCSEN059: Traceable Infrared Thermometer Gun

Traceable Infrared Thermometer Gun

-76°F ~ 932°F (-60°C ~ 500°C)


Notable Features

CMKINF001: FoodPro Infrared Thermometer with Integral Probe

Infrared Thermometer with Probe

-30°F ~ +525°F ( -35°C ~ +275°C )


Notable Features

ZORALM001: Body Temperature Infrared Reader with Hand Sanitizer

Body Temperature Infrared Kiosk

Alarm Temperature ≧ 101.5°F / 39°C


Notable Features

METINF001: Compact Infrared Thermometer

Compact Infrared Thermometer

-27°F ~ 428°F (-33°C ~ 220°C)


Notable Features

METINF003: Compact Infared Thermometer

Compact Infrared Thermometer

-76°F ~ 932°F (-60°C ~ 500°C)


Notable Features

METINF002: Compact Infrared Thermometer with Laser

Infrared Thermometer with Laser

-27°F ~ 482°F ( -33°C ~ 250°C )


Notable Features

METINF004: Infrared Thermometer with Laser 12:1 Ratio

Infrared Thermometer with Laser

-76 ~ 932°F (-60 ~ 500°C)


Notable Features

METINF006: Medical & Industry Infrared Thermometer

Medical & Industry Infrared Thermometer

-7 ~ 176°F (-22 ~ 80°C)


Notable Features

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