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COCSEN039: Traceable Infrared Thermometer Gun

Infrared Thermometer Adj. Emissivity

-58°F ~ 1832°F (-50° ~ 1000°C)


Notable Features

COCSEN059: Traceable Infrared Thermometer Gun

Traceable Infrared Thermometer Gun

-76°F ~ 932°F (-60°C ~ 500°C)


Notable Features

CMKINF001: FoodPro Infrared Thermometer with Integral Probe

Infrared Thermometer with Probe

-30°F ~ +525°F ( -35°C ~ +275°C )

$189.00 $275.18

Notable Features

ZORALM001: Body Temperature Infrared Reader with Hand Sanitizer

Body Temperature Infrared Kiosk

Alarm Temperature ≧ 101.5°F / 39°C

Notable Features

METINF003: Compact Infared Thermometer

Compact Infrared Thermometer

-76°F ~ 932°F (-60°C ~ 500°C)


Notable Features

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