Thermocouple Stripanel Full-Size 3-Pole

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Provided: Each
400°F (205°C) Continuous
Type "K" 4 Circuits ( 3 pole )
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Notable Features

Connector & Stripanels-Full-Size, 3-Pole Stripanels

MARACC049 Product Shown 1034-4-K

TO Customize this item:

  1. Give Stripanel No. [e.g. 1034]
  2. Specify Number of circuits [e.g. 1034-8]
  3. Specify Thermocouple Type by Code [e.g. 1034-8-K]
  4. For vertical rows add suffix "V" [e.g. 1034-8-K-V]
  5. For Hi-Temp Stripanel [e.g. 1134-8-K]
  6. Availability: J,K,T,N,E,R,S,U, also "C"
  7. Gold plated inserts are available. Use suffix "G" [e.g. 1034-8-K-G]
Number of Circuits"A" Dimension Panel Length"C" Dimension Cutout LengthFull Size
3-Pole Panel
Part No.
Hi-Temp Full Size
3-Pole Panel
Part No.
21 1/2"1 5/16"1034-2-K1134-2-K
43"2 13/16"1034-4-K1134-4-K
64 1/2"4 5/16"1034-6-K1134-6-K
86"5 13/16"1034-8-K1134-8-K
107 1/2"7 5/16"1034-10-K1134-10-K
129"8 13/16"1034-12-K1134-12-K

3-pole thermocouple connectors provide a shield terminal that maintains the shield circuit from metal sheathed thermocouples to extension wires or from wire to wire hook-ups. Grounding must be done at one point and only one point.

400°F (205°C) Continuous and 500°F (260°C) Intermittent.

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