Wireless RTD Temperature Datalogger

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-326° ~ 1112°F (-199° ~ 600°C)
Logging capacity of 16,000 readings


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Notable Features

The TandD RTR-505-Pt Wireless Temperature Datalogger supports Pt100 (3-wire) and Pt1000 (3-wire) sensors. The RTR-505-Pt has a measurement range of -326 to 1112°F (-199 to 600°C) and ships complete with the PTM-3010 input module.

16,000 readings means you can record every one second and still log four and a half hours of data; or at a recording interval of 60 minutes you can keep logging for 666 days. By using the software the recording interval for a Remote Unit can be set to one out of fifteen choices (1 second to 60 minutes).

Select the Recording Mode from Endless or One Time. When using Endless Mode, upon reaching the logging capacity the oldest data is overwritten and recording continues. When using One Time, upon reaching logging capacity recording automatically stops.

The Data Loggers are outfitted with a long lasting Lithium Battery (LS14250). At normal temperature, if recorded data is downloaded once a day or if monitoring is carried out once every ten minutes, the estimated battery life will be about ten months. Model names which include "L" are designed with a large capacity battery pack. Under the same conditions, L-type models will continue for about four years without the need to change the battery.

The Data Loggers in the RTR-500 Series only function as Remote Units. They require one of the following: Base Unit or Hand Held with which to carry out wireless communication.

Temperature Sensing Range: -326° ~ 1112°F (-199° ~ 600°C)
Temperature Accuracy: +/- 1°F (+/- 0.5°C) typical
Temperature Resolution: 0.1°
Temperature Scale: °F or °C
Special Notes: Logging capacity of 16000 readings, Operating temp: -22°F to 176°F (-30°C to 80°C), Wireless transmission range: 150meters (500ft) if unobstructed
Recording Rate: 1 second ~ 60 min
  • Data Logger
  • Battery
  • Instruction Manual
  • Strap
  • Technical Support

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