RTR-500 Repeater

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Manage Multiple Remote TADREC Units

Optional AC/DC Power Supply TADACC012

Register as base station or a repeater, download recorded data, save, current readings directly to your PC


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Notable Features

The RTR-500 USB Connected Data Collector can be registered as a Base Unit so that it can download recorded data from Remote Units via wireless communication and then by connecting it to a PC with a USB cable, the data can be easily downloaded to your computer. Easy USB connection means this type of Base Unit is perfect for on-site use. Downloading recorded data from one Remote Unit at full logging capacity into the Base Unit takes only about 2 minutes.

At the set interval, the RTR-500 will communicate via wireless communication with the target Remote Unit(s) and collect recorded data or current readings and send the received data via FTP or e-mail to a set location.

If and when a measurement exceeds an Upper or Lower Limit or if an abnormality occurs in a Remote Unit the RTR-500 will go into "Warning" mode whereby a warning report will be issued via e-mail to up to four specified e-mail addresses.

Up to 20 Groups can be registered to an RTR-500 Base Unit.Up to 32 Remote Units can be registered to each Group. With just one RTR-500 it is possible to simultaneously manage up to 640 Remote Units.

Besides Auto-Downloading, it is also possible to download recorded data by carrying out a few simple manual operations. This enables the User to download recorded data from Remote Units whenever necessary. Compared with our previous models, the RTR-500 series provides vastly improved communication time. At a recording interval of ten minutes, you can download one day of data in only five seconds. To download one Remote Unit at full logging capacity will take about two minutes for an RTR-501/502/503/505 unit and about four minutes for an RTR-574.

  • Part Number TADREC014
  • Register as base station or a repeater
  • Automatically download and send data
  • Send warning report emailing
  • Simultaneous management of multiple remote units
  • Download data by manual operation
  • Monitor current readings on computer display
  • Operating voltage: 2.5 to 7.0V
  • Communication interfaces:USB (with PC)
  • Optical communication (with compatible remote units)
  • USB Data Collector / Repeater
  • Instruction Manual
  • Software
  • Expert Technical Support
With just one Base Unit it is possible to simultaneously manage a large number of Remote Units. Groups of Remote Units and Repeaters can be created and registered to a Base Unit to match your situation: by location, by item, by user and so on. Each Group is assigned a Wireless Communication Frequency Channel to avoid interference and poor transmission. 

Base Unit TypeRemote Units GroupsRepeaters 
RTR-500GSM Total of 20 4 5 Per Group 
RTR-500NW / AW Total of 100 10 10 Per Group 
RTR-500 32 Per Group 20 30 Per Group 
RTR-500DC 32 Per Group 7 15 Per Group
16 Per Group 
RTR-505 / 574

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