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Cellular Connected Data Collector
Works with TandD Data Logging Products
This device is a "Base Station" and communicates with remote transmitters found in the "related items" section below.  You will setup a cellular account and pay a monthly fee. 


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Notable Features

The TandD RTR-500GSM Mobile Base Station operates using a SIM card from your cellular phone company or carrier. As long as you are in communication range for cellular phone service, simply place a Base Unit at your remote location or truck cabin and Remote Unit(s) in the monitoring area or cargo compartment(s) and you are ready to monitor temperature and humidity while on the move. Perfect for in the mountains, on the sea or for any out of the way places where a LAN connection is impossible.
If any of the parameters set in the RTR-500GSM are exceeded and the RTR-500GSM judges that to be "Warning Occurrence" a warning report mail can be sent via e-mail or SMS (short messaging service). Moreover, by connecting a siren or lamp to the external contact input / output connector when an important warning occurs, the people at the point of measurement can also quickly take any necessary action.
At the set interval, the Base Unit will communicate with the target Remote Unit(s) and collect recorded data or current readings and send the received data via FTP or e-mail.
Via SMS commands from a cell phone to the RTR-500GSM, it is possible to start and stop RTR-500GSM operation. It is also possible to request recorded data be downloaded to a set address.
The wireless communication range, if unobstructed and direct, is about 150 meters (500ft). Downloading recorded data from one Remote Unit at full capacity (16,000 data sets) into the Base Station takes only about 2 minutes. The wireless communication range can be easily expanded by placing a Repeater in between the RTR-500GSM and a Remote Unit. When downloading recorded data, it is necessary to add 2 minutes (when at full capacity) for every Repeater in the route.
  • Part Number: TADREC008
  • GSM cellular phone communication function
  • Warning monitoring function
  • Automatically download and send data
  • Control operation via SMS commands
  • High speed wireless communication and data downloading
  • Select a power Source to meet your Application needs
  • Simultaneous management of multiple remote units
  • Attach GPS info to current readings (optional)
  • Instrument
  • External Power Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Batteries
  • Software
  • Instruction Manual
  • Expert Technical Support

The purchase of a sim card and cellular services are required.

The user can select to run the unit on four AA alkaline batteries, or use the AC adaptor to connect to an AC outlet or hook up to an external power source of their choice by connecting to the External Power Connector (DC 8- 34V). Keeping batteries in the unit allows a backup source of power for when and if electrical power is cut from the AC or DC connection. If using batteries as the source of power, the estimated battery life is about 10 days.
Up to 4 Groups can be registered to an RTR-500GSM. With just one RTR-500GSM it is possible to simultaneously manage up to 20 Remote Units.
Current Readings from Remote Unit(s) can be sent via e-mail or FTP; with a GPS receiver connected current location info can also be attached to the transmission.

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