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SQEALM003: Household Guardian Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Wrist Body Temp Screening

93°F ~ 113°F (34 ~ 45°C)


Notable Features

TLCSEN393P01: FeverScan REUSABLE Forehead Thermometer for Cold / Flu

Reusable Forehead Thermometer

Plastic Pouch, Inst., FDA Registered


Notable Features

METINF006: Medical & Industry Infrared Thermometer

Medical & Industry Infrared Thermometer

-7 ~ 176°F (-22 ~ 80°C)


Notable Features

TIPINF002: Automatic Non Contact Infrared Wall Mounted Thermometer

Infrared Forehead Temperature Scanner

Non contact, High Accuracy ±0.4°F


Notable Features

TLCSEN545: All-Day Forehead Thermometer

All-Day Forehead Thermometer

94°F ~ 104°F Fahrenheit Only ( 100 pcs )


Notable Features

ZORALM001: Body Temperature Infrared Reader with Hand Sanitizer

Body Temperature Infrared Kiosk

Alarm Temperature ≧ 101.5°F / 39°C

Notable Features

TIPINF002P01: Two Stage Temperature Screening System Non Contact Infrared Thermometer Package

Forehead Temperature Scanner,

Privacy Model, High Accuracy ±0.4°F


Notable Features

TIPINF003: Elevated Body Temperature Screener with Mounting Arm

Elevated Body Temperature Screener

Accuracy: +/- 0.4°F

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