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Cold Chain Thermal Monitoring

6 Products

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SHOREC019: SpotBot 4G Plus Monitors Impact, Temperature, Humidity and GPS Location

SpotBot 4G Plus Transit Cellular Monitor

-20°C ~ 60°C


Notable Features

WMSSEN009: Indicator 37°C/99°F

WarmMark TTI Indicator

Activates Above 37°C/99°F


Notable Features

TIMSEN000: Custom Time Temperature Label

Custom TTI Label

Range Set To Clients Preferences - Speak with a TIPTEMP Thermal Advisor

Notable Features

MATREC134: Low-Cost RTD Temperature Data Logger

100Ω RTD Temperature Data Logger

-200°C ~ 850°C (-328°F ~ 1562°F)


Notable Features

COCREC011: Guardian Thermometer PRO Bluetooth Data Logger with Internal Temperature Sensor

Guardian Thermometer PRO, Ambient

–20 ~ 70°C (–4 ~ 158°F)


Notable Features

TIMSEN006: Ascending Time-Temp Indicator (30C/86F, 8 hours)

Timestrip Plus TTI

Activates Above 86°F (30°C)


Notable Features

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Select up to 4 items to compare.