Thermocouple Wire Welder Model 300

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Provided: Each
Join Wires 36 gauge to 20 gauge
120V / 60Hz Made in U.S.A
  • Argon Gas, Regulator (sku THEACC005),
  • Hose Assembly (sku THEACC004)
  • are required to use this equipment.


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Notable Features

The 300 is designed for sensor manufacturers who want to produce commercial-grade thermocouple junctions, and for users of large numbers of exposed junction thermocouples, such as test and development laboratories where multipoint temperature sensing of test pieces is required.

No special skills are needed and most people will be capable of producing quality work with minimal practice. The instrument is operated via the front panel, and is suitable for welding wires up to 1.1 mm (0.043") in diameter and has an argon gas shield facility.

  • Part Number: THEACC001
  • Dimensions: 8 3/4" x 6 1/4" x 6 3/4" (222.25 x 158.75 x 171.45 mm)
  • Weight: 10 lbs (160 oz.)
  • Power: 115 VAC 60 Hz.
  • Makes all type of thermocouples: J K T E N B and R/S
  • The use of Argon Gas is required to use this equipment.
  • Gas fitting size: 5/8" - 18 right-handed
  • Model 300 Welder 120V
  • Tungsten Element
  • Wire Holder
  • Expert Technical Support
  • Argon Tank should be ordered locally.
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