Hot Spot I Portable Thermocouple Wellder

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Provided: Each
Rechargeable Battery or AC 120V / 60Hz
Tested, Proven, Multi-Use Welding System
This Model Also Available in 220V/50Hz 
TIPTEMP Stocks Thermocouple Wire & Accessories
Made in U.S.A

Notable Features

The HotSpot I is a portable capacitive discharge welding system that allow thermocouple wires to be formed into freestanding beads or directly welded to metal surfaces for fast response temperature sensing. Direct bonding avoids the need for clamps, brackets, straps, and welded wells, and provides a quick, simple, accurate, low cost means of attaching thermocouple sensing wires on a "when needed", "where needed" basis. The HotSpot Welders are equally effective in forming freestanding bead or surface welded thermocouple junctions. The higher energy HotSpot PLUS expands this welding capability into handheld spot welding, stud welding and pin fastening areas. It takes only seconds to form standard thermocouple wire into a variety of attached or unattached sensors or perform various other fixturing tasks.  These Welding Systems Can Fabricate and Attach Thermocouple Sensors, Mount Weldable Strain Gauges, Weld Studs, Wire Rods and Pins, and Perform Other Welding Operations in Design and Test Applications.
  • Part Number DCCHEA002
  • SIZE - 3.25" High 6.25" Deep 6" Wide (less handle)
  • WEIGHT- 7 Pounds
  • STORED WELD ENERGY - 5 to 50 Watt seconds
  • WELD CAPABILITY - Welds wire pairs of #24 gauge or finer (#20 for J K E)
  • CYCLE TIME - Can perform 5 to 10 welds per minute depending on energy settings.
  • CONTROLS - Provides energy adjustment control and visual and audio indication of weld charge cycle completion.
  • POWER - Uses 120 VAC 60 Hz line power.
  • WARRANTY - 1 year
  • SELECT for 220V / 50 Hz Model
  • Thermocouple Welder
  • 4.5" Wire Holding Pliers
  • Eye Shielding - Protective Goggles
  • Carbon Block
  • Instructions
  • Expert Technical Support

Consult with a TIPTEMP Thermal Advisor

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