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LASREC070; WiFi Cloud Connected Ambient Temperature Moniotor

WiFi Cloud-Connected Temp Monitor

-4°F ~ 140°F ( -20°C ~ 60°C )


Notable Features

TLCSEN312: Freezer Thermometer

Freezer Thermometer Label

-5°F ~ 30°F (-21°C ~ 1°C)


Notable Features

HBISEN001: Min/Max Bi-Metal Thermometer

Min Max Bi-Metal Thermometer

-20 ~ 140°F (-30 ~ 60°C)


Notable Features

TLCSEN202: Refrigerator Thermometer

Reversible Refrigerator Temp Label

28°F ~ 54°F ( -2°C ~ 12°C )


Notable Features

LASREC056: MOTE Wireless Temperature Data Logger

MOTE WiFi Temperature Alarm Recorder

-4 ~ +140°F (-20 ~ +60°C)


Notable Features

FREALM013P03: Freeze Warning Light and Buzzer, 14 Ft. Sensor Cable, and AC Power Supply

AC Power Freeze Warn Light and Buzzer

Flashing and Buzzing BELOW 42°F


Notable Features

FREALM019: Battery Powered Freeze Warn Blue Light

Battery Powered Freeze Warn Blue Light

Light activates at/below 42°F (6°C)

$69.95 $77.95

Notable Features

FREALM002: Freeze Warning Light II with Adjustable Thermostat, Free Batteries and 15 Ft. Sensor Ca

Freeze Warn II Temperature Alarm Light

Adjustable Range 30°F ~ 70°F


Notable Features

FREALM003: Freeze Warn III

Freeze Warn III Flashing Light

Can Be Seen from 1/2 Mile 30°F ~ 70°F


Notable Features

TIPALM007: Adjustable Temperature and Power Out Warning Light

Temp & Power Loss Alarm Light

30°F ~ 130°F (-1°C ~ 54°C)


Notable Features

TIPALM003: Door Open Indicator Warning Light

Window or Door OPEN Warning Light

Light Turns ON when Contacts Separate


Notable Features

TIPALM003P01: Door Ajar Warning Light with AC/DC Power

AC Powered Window or Door Ajar Light

Light Turns ON when Contacts Separate


Notable Features

TIPALM009: Heat Warn Light

HEAT WARN Temperature Alarm Light

50°F ~ 110°F (10°C ~ 43°C )


Notable Features

AMBALM001 8-Channel Wireless Refrigerator / Freezer Thermometer Alarm

8 Channel Wireless Temp Alarm

-40°F ~ 140°F (-40°C ~ 60°C )


Notable Features

FREALM015: Freeze Warn Plus Thermometer and Alarm Light

Hi-Lo Adjustable Temp Alarm Light

0°F ~ 120°F (-15°C ~ 45°C)


Notable Features

TIPALM006: Power Out Warning Light

Power Failure Alarm Warning Light

With Built-In 10-15 Minute Time Delay


Notable Features

FREALM010: Battery Powered Freeze Warn V

Battery Powered Freeze Warn V

30°F ~ 70°F (-1°C ~ 21°C)


Notable Features

SNPALM001: 4 Channel Temperature Alarm Land-Line Phone Dialer

Land-Line 4 Ch. Temperature Alarm

-20°F ~ 150°F (-30°C ~ 65°C)


Notable Features

STRALM001P01: Battery Powered Warning Signal Light

Battery Powered RED Warning Light

20 Ft. Wire & Magnetic Base


Notable Features

LASREC001: USB Temperature Data Logger

USB Temperature Data Logger

-13°F ~ 176°F (-25°C ~ 80°C)


Notable Features

LASALM003: Wireless Temperature Sensor with Email Alerts

Wireless Temperature Sensor

0 ~ 129°F (-18 ~ 54°C)


Notable Features

SNPSEN007: Spot Water Detection Sensor

Spot Water Detection Sensor

Multiple sensors can be wired in series


Notable Features

TIPALM003P02: Door Ajar Warning Light with AC/DC Power with Buzzer

AC Powered Window/Door Ajar Light

Flashes & Buzzes if Contacts Separate


Notable Features

TIPALM003P03: Door Ajar Warning Light with Buzzer

Window or Door Ajar Warning Light

Flashes & Buzzes when contacts OPEN


Notable Features

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